Maddy Prior Cold Flame Lyrics

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Clouds crush the setting sun
The sky is darkening grey
Restless whispering
The summer's blown away
Bleak deserted arbors
That speak of absent friends
God forsaken wasteland
In time all friendship ends
Flame sears the sullen air
Scorching my land
Yonder swoops the black crow
To the wind's command
Your body is warm
But your brain is cold
Leaving me lonely
Only emptiness to hold

The spine of love is snapped
There is nothing to be said
But the hollow in my belly
Sends an echo through my head
I ache to see you
To laugh with you again
But the voice that once caressed me
Is filled with disdain

Like a hurricane you came and shook my innocence
You woke me in every sense
And I ran bemused and excited, curious and delighted
But I could not hold you, like the wind you moved on
I stood rooted like a fool waiting for the sun

And bare trees trace their story
Of death of the sky
And the savage winter wind
Has a tear in its eye

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