Queen of Hearts ColourBlind Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Colourblind, I only see you
Black and white
My heart is see-through
Shimmering in my cocoon
I look through damaged eyes
At streets and faces
Memories I have erased
And time goes by, away, from you

Walk through the night in search of day
Lost in the place, no words to say
Each time it starts to melt away
I'm scared to feel again
Is there a light out of the grey
A remedy that could ease my pain
Each time it starts to melt away
You're near and darkness fades

[Verse 2]
Monochrome that I was used to
Colours change when I'm beneath you
My skin glows, my veins turn blue
Like a kaleidoscope
I walk the darkness
Float away into the distance
Catch my breath, but not too soon


I'm drowning, I'm drowning
I'm drowning in you (x3)
Drowning in you, oh


[Outro] (x5)
This love is my shelter, I'm colourblind
I'm searching for answers I'll never find

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