Zane Lewis Come With Me Lyrics

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You say you want a lover
with a sense of danger,
come with me,
I got some elvis in my cd changer,
come with me,
If you think I'm trying to steal your heart,
Baby give it some time,
it could be, we might find out,
its you thats stealin' mine,

Baby come with me,
lets hang out,
let's shout from some rooftops,
run through some raindrops,
make love and dont stop,
who knows where we'll end up,
and who cares,
just come with me
you say you want somebody,
just as wild to run with,
come with me,
someone you know your gonna,
feel one with,
come with me,
Girl you know I'm taken,
by your confidence
yeah, its a beautiful sight,
when i see what i want,
i go, right after it,
and its you im seeing tonight,

(repeat chorus 2x)

come with me baby,
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