Kambrium Conjure the Lost Lyrics

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I, the center, the center of this universe
Tremendous, colossal, I rule this earth
My spirit is heady, I'm superior
So bright, so wicked, obey

I'm the last of my kind in here
Centuries of oblivion
I increased my powers
Now call me king!

Conjure the lost
From under lake gloom
I feel sensations of my death
That comes to you
He's not just a minion
But my most steadfast servant
He will lead my death, the lost
That come to you

In quo sanctum
Vos voco
Ad vester bolum
Ego vos voco
Ascendete obtemperateque
Iussu mei

This is your opportunity to rise
I will lead you to your final step of loyalty

This stealthy intruder must be found
You have emerged from this ground
Fulfill your purpose in my name
He must not return again

Eliminate the threat
In my abysmal paradise
He ain't have a chance to flee
My toe should perish of me

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