Icarus The Owl Conversations With Dirt Lyrics

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've been seeing grey ever since you went away
Don't believe the s___ that they tell you.
You can have my heart- I don't care if they rip it apart
Just as long as you are right here with me.

All this means is you're done with me
Every night you were right there by my side

You're gone. I'll visit you when you are away
I've lost the only one that meant anything to me.

Six feet in the ground is where you spend your days
I would dig you up just to hold you.
I've been telling lies just to make it by.
I could never tell you the truth.

I blame, myself for letting you get into your car.
The brakes, the pavement was wet and you were so scared.

It's going to be a bad day.
The sun won't show off it's ugly face today.
Let me try, let me send messages through the dirt to your casket.
When you sleep, when you dream are you thinking of me, do you wish i was dead?

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