Madchild feat. Evidence Corleone Lyrics

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[Verse 1] Evidence
A six-man, I’ve been known to win
Since I was a little kid and Fat Joe was thin
Back then he wasn’t telling me shit, I wouldn’t listen
Even when advice was good, I was sticking to my vision
If it’s all times in one, I can think of the past hurt
And still got my “no head, no backstage” pass shirt
I never change my name or my Myspace password
No fathered on my style, so have a ghetto bastard
Why you taking so long in seeing people want the answer?
First I had a baby then my lady got the cancer
Life throw a kitchen sink at you in a major way
Guess my cap is my cape, I’m here to save the day
Hard to rumble if you ain’t no beast
And now I’m training hard and thinking ‘bout war, not peace
There’s a time for that and that is not currently my status
Waiting for the sun, twiddle my thumbs, I’m up and at ‘em
The night is young. I always know when it’s over
When people get drunk and start talking very sober. (Real as shit.)
I guess it’s time to make the most of it
It’s not how long you live but what you have to show for it
Not how I’m sinking in my frequencies
I’m made for the sky, I’m flying frequently
So easily I approach
The person sitting next to me flying coach
Blacked the fuck out, wake up at customs
Forgot to flush my weed, I’m all flustered
Passed inspection, collect my belongings
Life in the rain, no umbrella, no arming’s
First up, nothing feel as good as earning it. (Uh)
I set it off to leave impressions that are permanent (Point two)
The pricing always right, but always the cost
And the boss ain’t always right, but he’s always the boss

[Verse 2] Madchild
I got bars for life and you’re a fresh fish
I’m Charles Bronson, this is motherfucking Death Wish
Friends are worried ‘bout me saying I need a head shrink
Chilling with a bitch in Bel Air like Fresh Prince
Serial killer that packs a punch
‘Cause I just ate a full box of Captain Crunch
Yeah, and you can’t cry over spilled milk
Did so much bad shit, I am guilt filled
They think it’s funny when you’re struggling with life
Like I’m walking with a blindfold and juggling with knives
Darth Vader in a room full of white Stormtroopers
Black tints cover up my bright orange pupils
Full of uncut dope like a Cessna
All my words worth a fortune like retinas
And I just went through turbulent times
Every verse occurred, I blurt it from a murderous mind
I’m moving like a man possessed, I am in a hurry
I’m Christine ’58 red Plymouth Fury
I’m pristine just in case y’all worry
But there’s two sides to me like a baseball fury
You’re sitting catatonic
Flex like I’m on anabolics
Turn your brain matter to paint splatter like Jackson Pollock
Quit stalling. I’m King Kong the stone walling
Just give me the link, I’ll stop snowballing


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