Gappy Ranks Could a Runaway (feat. Delly Ranx) Lyrics

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Even though it’s hard
Looking out mi life I’ve been through so much stuff
A million times mi could a runaway
Because mi know seh mi must make it one day
Nuff people playa hate
The devil and him friends dem a try test mi faith
And a million times mi could a runaway
Like a plane pon di runway
They say I never make it
But on the road mi coulda turn mi never take it
It was so easy to be a drug dealer (Jah know)
Peer pressure coulda turn mi inna killer
Gappy dem fool nuh get you down
Mi stand up pon solid grund
As a ghetto youth from Kingston town
Words dem a fling out a road coulda break my bone
Mi know dem from in di first round
When push come to shove mi nuh sell out
Sometime mi feel like mi locked up and mi wan fi get di hell out
True badmind a gwan mi have some fake friend fell out
When problems arise dem a dip out
But true, me purer than the water dem a drink
I'm nothing false, I know when dem I?
And I go make dem never push me over the brink
For me foresee the things dem a think
I was born as a Ranks
Like the great Delly Ranx so mi have fi give thanks
Mi a shine like a star dem see mi from a distance
Oo when badmind a chat mi, mi nuh response
I was born as a Ranks
Raised as a Ranks
Shabba Ranks
Cutty Ranks
Badmind keep yuh distance
The hypocrite people they need no response

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