Icarus The Owl Crimson Covered Walls Lyrics

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I'll bomb the boulevard that runs right through your heart
I'll leave it all behind, but you can't change mankind
Do you really think you can love a monster?
I am nurtured by nostalgic movie scenes
Of lovers wiping their memories clean
Do you really think that we have each other?

They are just children, so let them go
It's not a world we should have exposed
They don't know the person inside of me
My only friends are those I've deceived

You became a murderer either way
No one else will take your place
Don't tell me a thing about love or honesty
I've only answered you with lies

Find yourself a new alias
There's blood underneath your fingernails
The knife that's in your back, dear
Were you protecting your life, or taking anothers?
They loved themselves to death, you know?
Who am I to cast a stone at brittle bones?
Find yourself anew, an alias
You have been compromised


I'll hide my face
I'll force myself to live a lie if I must
I do not fit the mold they want

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