Vandaveer Crooked Mast Lyrics

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I take stairs to any town,
You only take one.
We both say things I don"t understand,
Why can"t we just have fun?
Let the tears come down like a mountain spring
And the cold winds blowing inviting.
And the words don"t match, numbers don"t add up
I"m only good at dividing
Whoa dividing

She said, "why can"t we stand on the same side?
There"s an ocean in between
We want what"s best. We both want the same things.
We should play for the same team"
But the lightening strikes and a terrible storm
Throws us both against the reef
As the rain comes down
I start to drown
I always sink before I speak
Whoa I speak

So I say
Lets build a boat and we"ll sail the seas
For a month and a half waiting out the disease
And wait at the floods and we"ll wait at the raft
And we"ll steer our ship with our crooked mast
And we run aground we"ll hear the sound
Of a million children singing in the morning
And the sun will rise
As we step in time
Yes, the beat of harmony"s rewarding
Whoa, rewarding
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