Bad Veins Crosseyed Lyrics

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help me

can you help me

i am lost without you

tell me

can you tell me

how to get out from between

what i say and what i mean

cause i can't take it back

once i've said it

i can't take it down

once its written in the sky

but if there'll ever be a perfect time to try right now i'm standing here, its staring right between my eyes and i will follow through and i will tell the truth but i would be lying if i said i never hated to

how do

how do i do

what it is that i'm supposed to

i'm not supposed to

go all crosseyed trying to see

what is right for you or me
Bad Veins Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Found
  • 2 Gold and Warm
  • 3 Crosseyed
  • 4 You Kill
  • 5 Afraid
  • 6 The Lie
  • 7 Falling Tide
  • 8 Dry Out
  • 9 This Ending
  • 10 Go Home
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