Abarax Crying of the Whales, Part I Lyrics

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"For 6 million years there's been a story
We as humans just haven't listened to
Have we been too proud and not allowed
our ears, our hearts to let it come, to let it come right through
Time takes it's toll and still we stroll
this planet earth, our place of birth
a part-time home, not ours alone
we are here to share - so do beware
Clear your minds - all human kinds
see the signs and let it sink, let it sink right into you"

The crying of the whale
been such an ancient tale
through time and centuries it's prevailed
listen to the whales
Venturing for - we want more
No pleasure with what we have
Like a vacuum it sucks us through
are they right the things we do?
No peace of mind - it's like a kind
a race you cannot win within your mind
Relentless pace is such a waste
if nothing is recieved
what you're looking for, can't be bought
can't be achieved or be taught
It's a state of mind and all
you'll find is peace
Crying of the Whales Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 Journeys End
  • 3 Whale Massacre
  • 4 Part of Evolution
  • 5 Natures Voice
  • 6 Point of No Return
  • 7 All These Walls
  • 8 Crying of the Whales, Part II
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