Damien Thorne Curtain Call Lyrics

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Turn on the lights the show is over
The stage and props are taken down
The scene played out now gone forever
You played your part now take a bow
The show is over. over, over
Hope you enjoyed the show, the glamor and the lights
A production you'll surely recommend
For your amusement the encore of the night
Will be your sudden, disappointing end
The show is over, over, over
Pain you're feeling was never real
It was never there at all
So find your exit, time to leave
This is the final curtain call
The show is over, over, over

End of the Game Track Listing
  • 1 The Clincher
  • 2 Face Reality
  • 3 Me Against the World
  • 4 Fire
  • 5 You’ll Come Around
  • 6 Indulgence
  • 7 Tarantula
  • 8 Fistful of Regret
  • 9 End of the Game
  • 10 Not Without a Fight
  • 11 Psychosis
  • 12 Curtain Call
  • 13 Traume
  • 14 Escape or Die 2012
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