Madchild Cyphin Lyrics

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[Verse 1:]

Yo, Yo
I still split atoms and neutrons
Killing every rapper from LA to the Yukon
We used to pass Grey Poupon
Now I'm clipping coupons with an old touque on
Demi-god got doing debit fraud
Flat broke rap star no credit card
Yeah my head is hard, call me Mr. Thing
We rap fast, slow it down
So you don't miss a thing
I don't miss a thing
I'm a vicious king
Not havin' any cash when it's christmas stings
And I am intergalactic
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle doing back flips
(Let ‘em have it)
Raw denim and some new balance
Hit you like pow! Right to the moon Alice!
I ain't got no money, but I'm on one
Wombat, I'm a swamp rat drinking pond scum
I'm growing crops on my farmland
Kill a fucking nazi with a swatstika armband
Life's a popularity contest
Madchild's back one of the scariest monsters
I fucked this girl, she was barely unconscious
But now she wanna marry me, so therapy's nonsense
Yeah I'm back, I'm a powerhouse
You a little hot dog, full of sauerkraut
Madchild I'm a fuckin' Grizzly
You won't make it rain dog, it's barely drizzling
Think you're shit's hot? Mine is fucking sizzling
Yeah I'm fly, I'm a fucking frisbee
Your fault they are not listening
You on some Mickey Mouse shit
Walt Disney (hahaha)
And you rap for the wrong reasons
But my wheels keeping spinning
All season

[Verse 2:]
Hey look
Yeah I know
I was living wrong, but I know how to make it right
Yelling I'm on fire when I'm naked, Talladega Nights (ahh)
Yeah Madchild's back, you better say goodnight
Bust a sharp left, when I break right
I ain't stopping, I am running every red light
Make you stop like a deer caught in my headlights
Scratching your head like you got headlice
Thinking how the fuck did he come back?
He's been dead twice
Madchild, I'm running wild like a loose cannon
Daydream racing Drake in a new phantom
I'm coming through in a race
I'm a beast because I rap until I'm blue in the face
Get It I'm a beast until I'm blue the face
Get it cracking like a bat with an aluminum base
Misguided angel, I'm a demon killer
Bad man in the mirror, I'm a fucking thriller
(Which means you better fucking beat it man)

[Verse 3:]
Madchild spit razor sharp, like an x-acto blade
The pterodactyl, I'm a Jackyl with these accolades
Hanging like a macrame
Crack rock hit the jackpot, smoke a pack a day
I'm tinfoil in your microwave
Roll up on a BMX, shoot you in the face and ride my bike away
Work of art Leonardo Da Vinci
Never wander I will turn a fucking bully to mincemeat
I rap retardedly I'm hardly a mystery
In a cardigan, A martyr mass marauder from Disney (Wow)
It's like water and listerine
Now that my piss clean people are listening

That's it, wow
Oh Boy
The kid's back!
The Pepsi-Cola kid's back!
The silver surfer is back!
I'm from the wild west motherfucker!

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