Vanilla Ice Da Ha Da Ha Lyrics

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So you think your hot with your rap,
I'll tell you I started the crap
When you were in diapers and wetting the sheets, I was at the Ponderosa rappin the beat.
Da-ha-da-ha-da-ha ha ha ha ha
Sure I wrestled some cattle and sheep
but my main concern was rappin to the beat.
I don't bother nobody I'm a real nice guy.
Kinda laid back like a dead fly
I'm talking here and now, later for the cattle and rustlin the cow.
If I had a chance to do a repeat, you could bet your sweet bibby,
I'd be rappin to the bet
Que pasa amigo, not a pasa I see
200 punks now what you gonna do I got 2 six-shooters to see me through
that's 12 dead and 188 pall-bearers.
What I do on your grave won't pass for flowers either
Now mill ray and Jay-z you haven't heard of rap till you heard it from me.
I'm the baddest rapper in history and there'll be no more after me
Meanwhile out at the ranch, Palm Beach that is. Swimming pools and Movie stars.
Well the 1st thing you know is Barrack the President,
The kin folk said barrack move away from there,
the White House is where your gonna be.
So he loaded up the caddy and he drove to D.C.
Washington that is, politicians takin a sip, foriegn dignitaries takin
a trip, high tax and plenty cadillacs.
Now you see me in my movies doing my thing,
but deep inside I wanted to sing
Waaaaaaay down the Swannie River, far, far, away
Titt-Willow Titt-Willow Titt-Willow
I don't dig your style, but I'll tell you pilgrim I'm versatile.
Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin, 1x
I want to rock you Sarah Palin 3x
That's all I want to do Sarah Paaalin
Yeah I'm feelin the room now pilgrim, party over here,
party over there, there's nothing to it the way we do it.
East coast, West coast, Texas
Everytime I put on pants I tell you pilgrim I wanna dance
I put a quarter in the juke, then I commence to doing the Duke.
It's pretty easy as you can see, just move your arms kinda freely do a pause take a step
and just make sure the beat is kept
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