Camberwell Now Daddy Needs a Throne Lyrics

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At home, on a label on a bottle,
In a cupboard in the kitchen,
There's your proof, Daddy on a throne.
After a long hard tiring day
Answering the telephone, no time for a lunch break,
Daddy needs a Mummy to fix his drink.

(A few square feet of city centre office s***e
That's his domain,
And the information therein contained,
The furniture and fittings, it's his responsibility.
When he pops it or when he retires, whichever comes first,
It will take a long time to break in the new boy,
Profits will slide;
A golden wristwatch, a golden handshake at rainbow's end,
Some people in his office aren't pulling their weight
But he soldiers on.)
After eight hours at work behind his desk
Daddy needs a grand-plumed hat
As tall as Rocket's chimney.
If the Daddy had no arms,
Was sat upon his throne,
Grand-plumed hat upon his head...

Just because you can sit on a horse doesn't mean you can ride.
Can't get ahead, get a hat.
Just you wait till your father gets home.

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