Hammercult Damnation Arise Lyrics

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Riding the winds of d***ation
Storming the tides for revenge
Unleashing the wrath of the spirits
Raising their cry from the grave
Awaken the beasts of destruction
Hungry to kill on command
May destiny lead us to battle
We've taken the oath to the d***ed
No one escapes the metalstorm

The fire rages the sky
The heavens are burning divine
The fates and the furies are mine
Winds of d***ation arise

Trampled those who denied us
Crushed by the hammer of war
For no god can challenge the wicked
And no man can outstand the storm
YOur head will ride on my banners
Thy carcass will be dragged in the mud
The crows will feast on your flesh
And dogs will be licking your blood
Into the storm

Wrath of the tempest maligned
Enraged by my hatred divine
The spirit of vengeance is mine
The skull and the hammers - my guide
By fate and by fury we ride
Winds of d***ation arise
I swear this oath of blood
To tear your souls to pieces
The wind carries my cry
Thirsting for revenge

Inferno arise from the hellstorm
Scorching the fields of the kill
Nothing remains from the slaughter
This token of vengeance fulfilled
The fire will burn on forever
With flames of hatred and will
We slay for the glory of metal
For we are the b******s of steel

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