Dana Dane Dana Dane To It Lyrics

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Dana Dane To It
Dana Dane To It
Dana Dane To It
Dana Dane To It

[Verse 1]
Now here's a single with a jingle
That you all will be loving soon
You'll play it once and even have your parents croon
Hmm, it's a catchy tune
Hard as a monsoon
Maybe a typhoon
It's here to lift ya'
This is [?]
Those who oppose the Dane I have to dis ya'
Friends call me Savior, foes, a terror
But one and all knows that this is my era
So, all praise to Dane, no need for stalling
And don't be ashamed if you find yourself calling


[Verse 2]
Now get a clasp
A grip, a grasp
You better hold on
Cause here's the [?] song
You'll soon be rolling on
Dane is in effect, uh huh, you figured that
This is my habitat
Where? Where the party's at
Hush it and just bump it, as if you dare to
The way I'm kicking it, I'm kind of rare, true
But what a flare, ooh, it's kind of catchy
Swung by a swinger and no one can match me
Face it
It's kind of basic
But on the smooth tip
You thought you had it, kid
That's kind of foolish
Now pull out your pen and pad and make a note of this
The rapper Dana Dane, oh yeah, that's who you're dealing with
So he's just the best, no need for stalling
And don't be ashamed if you find yourself calling

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
The party's pumped, pressed, packed to the rafters
This is my gospel, and I'm the pastor
Or the master
Clark here's my maestro
With your swiftness, show me how the scratch go
Well, good show mate
May I reiterate?
You're great
You're first rate
Back to my listeners
I hope you're liking this
The fine rhymes and lines that Dane's writing with
The way the lyrics land, I'm sure you understand
The mic was meant to remain in a masters hand
So here I am, Dane, to entertain
But take head and never say this name in vain


Ah, yeah. I'd like to send some shout outs now
So, if I missed ya I didn't dis ya, I just forgot to list ya
And I'll catch you the next time around, you know how that goes
So, here we go, here we go, here we go
... a bunch of shout outs ...

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