Galderia Dance Of Life Lyrics

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Day after day in a world of illusion
I feel the call from far beyind!
Beyond the stars a force drives all my emotions
in the the garden of freedom and light!!
I am alive inside this part of time!
A human mind born in the stars!
The spirit will fly in the everlasting sky!
And forever the freedom will rise!!
I'm back, forever in light!!
I'll fight 'till the end of this life
for freedom, unity and might of all minds!!
Forever free! I'm alive! Can't you see??
I'm dancing the life in a valley of lies!!
No one can hear but the spirit is clear!
I dance in the light a symphony of life!!
All gods and men will remember our names!
For all times our glory will shine!
Keepers of the Universality's flames!
Right on the celestial line!
One light, and the universal might!
One mind and the eons of time!
We are all alive inside this part of life!!!
Royaume de l'Universalité Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Aeons
  • 2 Raising Hell
  • 3 Dance Of Life
  • 4 Gate Of Mind
  • 5 Chaos Killer
  • 6 Out Of Control
  • 7 Universality
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