Walkers Dance On (Disco Darling) Lyrics

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Songs are costumemade for the hit parade
Disco time
This is one of those, keep your overdose
Disco time
You're right to think
you've heard it all before
you know we took a little here
and then we took a little there
so when you turn it on
it's everywhere

Dance on
Disco darling
Dance on
The night is just begining
So now it's time to play yeah
Dance on
Disco darling
Dance on
forget about your troubles
and dance the night away
D.J's don't you wait
don't just hesitate
turn them on
spin your 45
keep your baby jive
all night long
and soon you find
we running high again
they'll make us superstars
so long with the BCR
and then we can all enjoy the life on mars
Dance on...

You gotta keep on it
ohh dance the night away
keep on dancing
dance the night away yeah
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