Thompson Twins Dancing in Your Shoes Lyrics

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Your life is a circus
And your mind is just a mess
But you've come too far now
To wind up being second best
So you put on your hi-heels
And you strut to the edge
And say if you want me
You'll have to take me dead

Who knows what I'd do if I was dancin' in your shoes
Who knows what I'd if it was me
Instead of you-if I was really
Dancin' in those shoes

And all the chorus girls
They're so quick to lay the blame
They scream ha ha ha ha!
We always knew he was insane


Well the first to leave was sympathy
And she wasn't even cryin'
And when I looked into her eyes
I saw your face instead of mine


Written by: Alannah Joy Currie, Tom Bailey
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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