Halie Loren Danger in Loving You Lyrics

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Mine was a blue world
Until you came along
Thought I was through
Singing a melancholy song
Now the tune is the same
And every word's coming true
Guess that's the danger in loving you
Just like a silly moth
That can't seem to learn
I keep running back
Although I know It's gonna burn
Sometimes I hate myself
But what can I do
I'm drawn to the danger in loving you
I can't fight your devil charms
When you take me in your arms
And you lead me into harm's way
I'm a captive in the game you play
[repeat #1]
I'm like a gambler
In this round of roulette
'Cept it's my heart
That I've got riding on a bet
How long will it take
Before you break it in two
It's all in the danger in loving you
It's all in the danger in loving you

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