Tamar Eisenman Dates and Times Lyrics

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I got to much awareness
to the dates and time
But all of that is erased in seconds.
The minute Cat Stevens says
Their building up to the sky
Until there won't be room up there, Yeh.
I got to much awareness.
To the day ill die
But all of that is erased in seconds.
The minute Eddie shouts I quit I give up.
And nothing's good enough, yeh woman for me too.
And suddenly Ben Harper proves that time takes our tomorrows into yesterdays...
Susan's blood sees mine
And Lenny's woman so fine
And Erykah's embracing the love
I'm falling in love
I'm falling in love
With no help from my friends
It's only me and my endless ways
Revolving; evolving, never mind
I'm in peace now.
(With Nick Drake's pink moon)
Life is beautiful, just for a minute ooh, dates and time no more.
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