Tamtrum Datura Dream Lyrics

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A little spiky ball
The lost souls
Some f*****' b***** junkies
And them greedy spirit
In this s***** city
Yes we have eat the Satan's fruit
In the hollow hand of God
We search for a good place

Datura, Datura dream
Now we are the village clown
But they can't imagine
That our mind cover this world
Like a ozone layer
A f*****' mighty ozone, so filth
But they can't imagine that

Datura, Who is this guys in white smock?
Datura, Don't know if I dream or waking up
Datura, Why they dress me with a straitjacket?
Datura, Why da eat the Satan's fruit?
We have play in the evil's garden
We have seen the datura dream

And now we are immortal
Some Atomik Songz Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 In Blood We Trust
  • 2 Tantrum
  • 3 My Vile Venom
  • 4 Datura Dream
  • 5 Some (Bloody) Times
  • 6 Somewhere in Times
  • 7 G.O.O.M : W/M
  • 8 Atomik Suicide
  • 9 Extazy
  • 10 Psykologicalaxative
  • 11 X-Track
  • 12 Industrial Room (Porno Suicide)
  • 13 Datura Dream (Hypenoize remix by HIV+)
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