Pagan Fears Deadly Whispers Lyrics

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My life is turning
While my friends die in life
Or maybe...
Maybe I'm a living dead
Frustrations drive me crazy and absorb me
And the solicitude is with me all around
My heart broken in pieces
That rips me every moment, every step
While my cycle is closing
Or maybe I'm the one closing it.
My mind wants to rest forever
While the cutting edge look my veins
now the edge turns dark and stop blazing
And the eternal sleep takes me on its womb
And my veins cry and rest from despair
And death holds me, and death holds me
And she whispers in my ear and touches me

I start to walk by her side
And I see all the living dead
I'm not crying, just walking
And I just feel their coldness
And only see her, love her and
Only walk by her side.

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