Tammy Wynette Dear Daughters Lyrics

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Dear daughters
Gwen, you're my oldest and you're quite a lady
You're my only blue eyed girl and you turn sixteen in April
And you sure made a change in my world
I'm sorry I missed the big evening, your first date and I wasn't around

Save all the secret things you did and tell me when I get to town
And on your graduation I wanted pictures to look back on
But then I wasn't there to take them, as usual I was gone
You've had to grow up much too quick and you've done it on your own
You did it without mama 'cause mama wasn't home

And Jackie, you're quite a lady too
You're just one year younger than Gwen
And there's so much that I'm missing like being mommy now and then
I remember the day you cooked your first meal, you were nine
You cooked biscuits and ham
And you called it to me how good it was 'cause I was out of town

And at the party for fathers and daughters, well, I know you felt out of place
And even the pretty dress I bought couldn't fill that empty space
And the time when you got sick and the doctors turned you down
They said they couldn't treat you with your mama out of town

And Tina, you're such a pretty girl with big almond eyes, brown
And they voted you a home coming queen when I was out of town
I know you were a beauty 'cause your sisters dressed you right
And you said it didn't matter that I was out of town that night

And the day that you joined the cheer leading team
Boy, nothing could hold you down, you yelled, "Hip hip hurray"
Over the phone 'cause as usual I was out of town

And Tamala Georgette Jones, you simply take my breath away
Born just six short years ago and named for your daddy and me
Going to sleep on [Incomprehensible] arm and listening to her hymn
Drifting off to fairy land while sucking on your thumb
While, just yesterday you pulled a tooth, you sure are brave and strong
I wish I could have been there but as usual I was gone
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  • Written by: Tammy Wynette
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, THE BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY

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