Ofermod Death Cantata Lyrics

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...And into the corners of what is known and in order
You shall carry my voice
To awaken the Watery Serpent of Chaos
To swallow this world
For I am Death...
Disturbed in it's holy peace
Life taken from Death
Blood that is stirred in to b***er
An image turned hostile
Shatter this mirror from which it mocks Thee

Misgrown diversity
Flaunting perversity
Vain existance where existance is Naught
Godless adverity
Broken Unity
Dividing the None into One
And the One into countless numbers

Slay them...
A countenance deformed, the grinning enemy
Waiting but to die
The None wants you back
For you are of me, and I am Death...

Aeons in perpetual rape and lament
Receive my deliverance
Welcome my redemtion
For I am joy, I am Death...

Join me... Die!

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