Valefor Death Smelling Loneliness Lyrics

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Shatter the fear in your heart.
Listen to the screams of dead.
Obtain a place from tombs of hell for yourself.
Now I am walking on the road, to death..
...a dark, misty road.
...opened the fog curtains out my front, one by one...
...get the stairs of death, one by one...
I keep walking nonstop to
Where I become tranquil.

Bodies, pending for death..
...pinches between screaming souls
But you can not hear this,
You can not feel in your marrows.
They a little more closely, to the endless loneliness...
Can you dress me death?
Can you show yourself to me for the last time
At that night?
When saying farewell to life
When the cold penetrating my body.
When I see the death in my dreams.
Touch me, last time.
And take my death smelling soul to the place,
Where you will have return
Screams of Suicide Track Listing
CD-R 1
  • 1 Silent Melancholy
  • 2 Screams of Suicide
  • 3 Lifes Belongs to Darkness
  • 4 The Tears of Isolation
  • 5 Death Smelling Loneliness
  • 6 Cursed Ceremony
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