UnderThreat Deathmosphere Lyrics

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Welcome to my world of blood stained skies
And darkened earth, visions of black waters bleeding
Down from the shattered landscape.
Feel the bitter taste of my agony,
The irrational rate of anger that emanates
From the creator while fragments of reason
Drown in the seas of madness.

Watch me feeding my self with this pain
Strengthening my senses with fear
Finding the force to stay alive
Into this deathmosphere
Experience the self diminishing effect of a deprived existence, as the awareness of your own mortality
Paints this grotesque scenario.

Feel the cold hand of cruelty
Tearing out your spine, the smell of reality
Is the stink of your dead rotting fantasy
Wake up and see the raw essence of this infernal nightmare, the true source of pain and hate

Watch me feeding my self with this pain

The sound of distant echoes of forgotten voices drown in the seas of madness, memories of sanity and order suffocated by the weight of impossibility.

Constant sensation of powerless,
Desperation increases your already
Well developed sense of irony
Deathmosphere Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Deathmosphere (intro)
  • 2 Deathmosphere
  • 3 Kingdom of Eternal Crisis
  • 4 Parallel Hells
  • 5 Echo Shaped Life
  • 6 Black Inertia Disintegration
  • 7 Embraced by Disaster
  • 8 Prisoners of Their Own Betrayel
  • 9 Read the Codes
  • 10 Restrained Hate Coexistence
  • 11 Third World Blood
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