The Riptides Degenerate Girl Lyrics

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She climbed up to the roof n' she looked down
She pictured her body splattered all over the ground
Her daddy'd done her harm, so she stuck a needle in her arm
-guess I just lost my degenerate girl

Few years back she went out to L.A.
Turning petty tricks to get her pay
But the streets are full O' sleaze
So she got a brand new disease
-Guess I just lost my degenerate girl

Everybody knows that she's messed up - oh yeah
But they can't do a thing for her
Everybody knows that she's fucked up - oh yeah
But I can't do a thing for her

Betty had dreams that she could go real far
She moved to the hills to make it as a movie star
But the only screen time she got
Was starring with a money shot
- I guess I just lost my degenerate girl

She jumped off that roof in her wedding dress
Next days footnote in the back o' the press
But there's one thing you should know
she's at peace six feet below

I guess I just lost my degenerate girl

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