Abhorrent Castigation Deicide Lyrics

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I wander the ancient paths
Weightless, head held high
A liberator am I, a sinner
About to commit the last sin
The stars above me
Do they foresee what is to happen?
Do they want to stop the end?
Or do they warm my heart with callousness?

The years have nourished my wrath
Suffocated my doubts
Gave rise to certitude
The last war, to end all wars

The holiest shall die
To keep us alive
The fury shall end
Peace, finally peace
To show god mercy would be sin
His blood will nourish our souls
The dagger will wound us too
But we shall recover

His pain will be our pain
But the pain shall acquit our essence
Suffocate our arrogance and blindness
From darkness light shall arise
My curiosity shall be my dagger
My doubts shall be my shield
The imposter lies defeated
His days are numbered

To go beyond oneself
To be fully human
No shackles anywhere
No gods, no masters

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