Babyland (De)pressing Plant Lyrics

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As it falls into this slot
Your choices will decrease
Little decision
Along with built in trust and security
All brought together via technology
It's depressing
There's just no way
Some pattern completion could give us away
I thought we all knew
I could make the mistake
And isn't that what you're after?
Isn't that what you wanted all along?
And what are we so damn afraid of?
Is it what we are made of?
If you call this selection
I want the rejected too
Stare at the winners
And follow instruction
I had a friend once tell me
He took more comfort in technology
He felt safe with a paycheck
His whole life was avoidance
I still see him sometimes
And sometimes I take it out on a test drive
Make a list of improvements
Smooth out all imperfection
Raise consumer confidence
Explain all of the new frills
Back it up with a sales pitch
Understand if they say no
You take a number and you bury it
I don't want to take the heat
I'll continue to lie
I don't want to take the blame
For a question inside of me
I refuse to try and fix
What has fought to survive
It won't ever make no sense
To try and erase every mistake

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