UnderThreat Desperate Human's Path Lyrics

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Tears of blood are falling
all over my eternal darkest doubt
Floodind the way to the reality
The abyss of uncertainty grows deeper
and it's infinite darkness is the internal dread
that becomes the owner of my soul

...and in the individual internal fight
the answer to the riddle of the fear
appears more confuse, distant and abstract...
Tears that put out the hidden flame of the knowledge,
living in the ashes, the bitter after taste
of an inconclusive act from a lost age

Tears of hate that step to defeat another battle
in the Cold War,... for survival and recognizance

Tears that put out the hidden Flame.
Behind Mankinds Disguise Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Blame Game Traps
  • 2 Face of Emptiness
  • 3 Under Threat
  • 4 Serpent's Lick
  • 5 Ghost and the Machine
  • 6 Desperate Human's Path
  • 7 Behind Mankind's Disguise
  • 8 End of Grace
  • 9 Infestation
  • 10 Gates of Deception
  • 11 Warning
  • 12 Mirrors of Dejection
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