Hammercult Devil Chainsaw Fuck Lyrics

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Death unfolds in steel
The time has come - Awake the knife
Witches dance, all devils eve
We are the ace up Satan's sleeve
Cold wind howls, black fire burns
Now death may die, the kill returns
Chains unleashed, the front is free
Invading killing spree

All hail the saw molesters
We are the beasts from hell
Come taste my hard -on razors
Again on earth we dwell

The devil's work needs to be done
Rape your daughters one by one
You can't hide but you can run
Sick twisted s*** - Our kind of fun
Devil's saw , sharp iron black
Longinus spear of our attack
It is the tool for us to feed
The virgin w**** with Satan's seed

Die die die
Feel the devil's saw rip inside your flesh
Brutalize you, demonize you, sodomize you
Organs turn to shreds
Terrorize you, satanize you, fertilize you
Devil chainsaw f***
Jam the saw and start the chain
We scream for l*** , she screams from pain
Razor f*** is the only way
Saw engine roar, we like to play

The stench of death, the sights of gore
Flesh shredded c***, I crave for more
I cut the flesh, I crush the bone
By chainsaw rules - I take the throne

Kill for Satan - f*** 'n' Roll

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