Hammercult Diabolic Overkill Lyrics

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Follow the sign of the seventh
Storming the Gates of the Heavens
Shed the most innocent of blood
In the name of the one you call Satan.
Thy Kingdom f*****
Thy Will Be Mocked
You're in for the kill
Your blood must be spilled

Jesus entombed in the feces
We smashing the cross into pieces
Angels gang raped in the mud
We cover the Heavens with blood.
None shell survive
leave non alive
Beheading of the priest
usurpers of the beast

Diabolic Overkill!!!!

The priest is gay, the nun is a b****
Better practice what you preach
He crossdress's, she sucks d***s
We don't fall for those cheap tricks
You fear his name, you fear his hate
Or do you fear your stone cold fate?
Hear my words and throw the cross
And watch the heavens burns to dust.

Diabolic Overkill... f*** YOU!

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