Cadence Weapon Diamond Cutter Lyrics

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I know this chick with a crystal-tipped dagger in the sack
So you'll be an old-school caddy with that diamond in your back
She was out of hand man, thrice she lusted
Ice cuts, nose holes stayed nicely dusted
Slightly trusted her.. she had nothing to lose, see?
Lightly touched my hand while puffing a lucy
Loosely a hately was based in thin paste
She was chased before a million pickmates
Sick placement, a job like any other, her mother had her inherit
A love they by thrust, the love of a single parent
Apparent fire in her eyes, picking the seamlines of her dress
Scenery, she was wearing the street lights
Red, yellow and green
Bedfellows since dreams
De-sense a time it seems, feel a fellow with needs
To win loneliness, she never touches his lips
But he'll touch her lower ones, you couldn't sew them shut
And if he doesn't have the funds, she'll make him sell his rings
So he can tell his wife, how he lost it in the sink
She was regular clientele, all boys with fake names
Not a man to speak of, regardless of they're age
She a and fakeness, these patrons are brainless
Fucking on the low cause a girlfriend complainess
Cause the people leer around, they stare on in the foyers
She closes the blinds because it doesn't pay voyeurs
Another day, another charm, another night
Crying at her night buy-in is her knight, Brian
She has a steady name, loves what he hooks
But at work, she's in a random house
Like she was publishing books
With words, she had a little way, a little play
She even have this little sashay, so she could get a little pay

(but you know a's funny like.she use to wear
These heels and shit with joint....but well...oh well..
I..i.i've gotten of topic a bit)

She asked me to come up, I needed a reason to decline
I said "I'm lacking in Michelin"
She said "I don't mind" but what if i do?
This isn't about you, this is between me and your sphincter
Is that true? (true)
At late, pass made in the alley
I was galley, plus she was holdin her panties
I misconstrued this as a culmination of lost childhood and possessive tendencies but really, she just wanted to fuck
Considering the position and the many other she knew
There any much that a brother could do
We aptly made it to her apartment
For hardships, she marked in parts in were starving
A marksmen, had a target lined up
Climbed up to mount
But my mind said time to bounce
But I didn't, she was propped up, WOW
Who thought...her boyfriend would find us (oh shit!)

Before I had my chance to leave her abode
Bryan came through with the steel and the chrome
Had my guard up, he was rushing to attack
Then all of a sudden, I felt something in my back

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