Sage Francis Diamonds and Pearls Lyrics

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Surprising the world with diamonds and pearls
But a song about a girl ain't really about a girl

Got a two-way vanity mirror
I'm an amity villain
With a peeping tom complex

You're just a soul collector
You keep putting 'em in a trash bag
Push 'em in a shopping cart
Go and act sad

When there's none left to collect
So you go on and you make more
But wait, what you lose them to the state for?

The next time you see me
It'll be through plexi-glass
There ain't no bail outs in this jail house
Ain't no more petty cash

Easy come easy go
A penny saved a penny earned
And I've learned life is cliché
One of these days you get what you deserve

Surprising the world with diamonds and pearls
But a song about a girl ain't really about a girl

Got a two-way vanity mirror
Firing a blind eye at turn from a 800 pound gorilla

In the midst of misdirected anger
False blood can run thinner than icy water
Watch the fangbanger flirt with the Deathstar

I cried by your bedside
Decided right then and there to pretend you're alive
Maybe. Baby lie to me, evade my privacy
Have the decency to say bye, after taking the pride

Domestic piracy
You ran out of family plunder
And launch passed to crash
So when you're done playing dumb, empty the trash

We're looking for our life back, we wish we could have saved yours
There is nothing we can buy back, 'cause everything was payed off
I found you in a pawn shop, you were stuck behind a glass case
I watched as the cost dropped, puppydog sad face

Put a down payment on my meal plan
Just to see your shit-eating grin
Save the frown for when you need to shed your skin,
Sell bullshit shells to yourself
The layers coming off
Economic fail
Professional victim of sale cutting costs

Charity case, don't ask me to donate
You axe murdered your soul mate
My back's hurting from a tax burden
Pull your own weight

A punching bag for hire, every minute there's a sucker bet
So what's the over and under you'll rise up from the debt
With the complexion of a ghost
The resurrection was a hoax, but 2000 years later it's like nobody knows
If you think you're slick enough to turn a trick and spin the story just cause Jesus is your fair-weather pimp
and you caught me praying with my fingers crossed
So I shuffled up the deck, is this the card that you picked?
Well if not, how about this?
Missionary ain't a job, it's a position, so assume it's
a victimless crime watch dog has an owner that's abusive

Now isn't that ironic? With one hand in my pocket
And the other choking out the street corner prophet
Uncrossed my fingers and said look at me when I'm talking dear
I ain't mad at you, and that's the only miracle here

I ain't mad at you

I'm surprising the world, with diamonds and pearls
But a song about a girl, ain't really about a girl

Written by: Jeanie Schroder, Nicholas Lurata, Sage Francis, Shawn Gilbert, Thomas Hagerman
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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