Madchild Dickhead Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
I had a crush on this girl, we used to smoke indo
She lived across the street
I threw a rock through her window
As a kid I wasn't making any sense
Screaming out her name, standing naked on a fence
She called the cops, I been hating ever since
Sometimes I still look back and think of what we might have been
That broken glass cost me seven hundred bucks
I was eleven, man, seven hundred bucks man
f___ man, I seen her the other night
Hanging off a brass pole high as a kite
Dancing at a strip club, she got picked up
I got my d___ sucked, she got t__ f___ed
She sucked my ball sack and licked my a__hole
I came in her hair then she called me an a__hole
Then I called her a cab and gave her five bucks
Said that's all that I have

I'm addicted to being a d___head
Tell a girl anything just to get head
I'm a f___ing p____
Shut the f___ up b____ and suck my d___
I'm addicted to being a d___head
Tell a girl anything just to get head
I'm a f___ing p____
Now shut the f___ up b____ and suck my d___

[Verse 2]
How many people get to have s__ with four strippers?
At the same time and it doesn't make a difference
I'm a spoiled little brat, rock star lifestyle
I don't want to talk, let's f___ right now
Hang around and get mistreated cause I'm conceited
If you don't like it beat it
I'll just take the next s___ standing in line
If you're not here to suck it then you're wasting my time
You're here to please me and serve me
I'm here to make fun of you make you feel unworthy
Getting b____es takes no effort
Skinny ones with no t__s to big fat heifers
Look a girl in the eyes and say I love her
The next day I tell my friends I never heard of her
Mad Child's a womanizer like no other
Call me a m_________er cause I'll f___ your mother


[Verse 3]
Please don't call me on the phone cause I live with my girl
And I will say it's the wrong number
And if you call me back I will find out where you live
And then I will turn your life to s___
So just remember that you're just a s___ made for sucking b____
I got a girlfriend she broke my heart
Now every night I rip a different piece of p____ apart
Straight sport f___ing, she's a w____ f___ it
Treat em like a piece of s___ till I kick the bucket
I'm so persuasive and every girl is beautiful when Mad Child's wasted
Rub my b____ in her face and make her promise not to say s___
I'll put her number in my phone then erase it
I'm an a__hole, face it, I just pretend when I act like a friend
I'm not your homie, here's an update cupcake
Just blow me and show me your best f___ face

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