H8Machine Discipline Through Punishment Lyrics

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There's no respect
I'm down for life i'm fighting
What the f*** do i get
Your will's been broke
You talked a bunch of s***
Now on your words you choke
There's nothing new that i haven't heard before
You're new to the game and like the others i'll watch you fold
Now you bury your face in what you can't undo
You live not for yourself but for what you can prove.

Your hopes been lost,
Discipline through punishment
Your hopes been lost

Hold your head in shame
The mind changes quick
When the options are discipline and pain
Your hopes been lost
Now you're running scared you're a coward without a cause
I always knew that i'd be there to watch you bail
Like tumbling cards i just laughed to hear you failed.
Now you hide your face because you couldn't prove
Your prides been crushed and now your forced to lose.

Your hopes been lost
Discipline through punishment
Your hopes been lost.
Brace yourself

The truths coming down do you feel it?
By the ton if you're weak it will bring you down with it.
The strong survive
That's why a few are only left standing
Take a look around and see the last man laughing
Victory comes with a price
And with any gamble it could be your life
Are you ready all of this can you handle?
The truth came down and you felt it
Like a ton and cause your weak it brought you down with it.

Discipline through punishment.
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