Logic Disgusting (Feat C Dot Castro) Lyrics

Yeah; pass the mic before I jack it like gore-tex
Bust like raw s**, rappers suck like vortex
The life of a Don- We living like kings, and killing our p***s
Boy, the seconds it"s on - don"t know where we going
I"m flowing and killing this s*** from dusk til dawn
Just had s** with a Middle Eastern girl- The p**** was bomb
That last line made no sense like these rappers" careers
But I make dollars, cause I"m all about the fiscal year
Yeah; you don"t like me? I"ll conjure up and summon all your fears
You wanna fight me? I"ll woop my own a** before you get here
Wanna write me? And tell me that my rhymes suck?
b**** I don"t give a f***, I"ll stab you in the gut, call it a tummy tuck
You can ask my ex, I bust quicker than two techs
Caressed by a kid with category 5 tourettes
In other words I squeeze with ease, dot my I"s and cross my T"s
I"m a perfectionist; the lesson is f*** everyone a****sing this
It"s hip-hop, not to be taken literally
However on the light of note I stayed with bills like Hilary
My flow convects, murder subjects with little respect
Best protect your neck, before you play my tape better inspect the deck
f*** every other rapper forever ever forever since the dawn of time
Sike- I"m not that much of a d*** when I rhyme
On another level like duplex, bust heads like suplex
Slaughter MC"s then ask who"s next...

[C Dot Castro]
Ey yo my crew next, but you say you next, so I guess we now
Priceless flow so even If I write it"s still a freestyle
Never busting gats I ain"t no gangster put that heat down
Then go and grab a mic and see if you can f*** with me now
I got that A plus flow I"m on a roll b**** I can"t fail
Making money with my mind, call that s*** a brain sell
Raise hell, like I"m Satan"s daddy while you in here
Catch me in a tenant caddy with a b**** from Cincinnati
With the thickest fatty while I hit the gas, you lick it gladly
With the window down see other b****** blowing kisses at me
It"s a fact that me and Logic rip with vicious rap to list a wrap
We spittin" crack to keep the fiends, coming back to show world
Reppin Maryland but I make music for the whole world
Seduce a chick with lyrics whenever she hear it, it make her toes curl
So sick I hope I don"t hurl, if you love me let me go girl
Cause no p**** come before my flow, just had to let you know girl
Spit it so thorough and in depth, I bet I leave you impressed
Rattpack be my family, I f*** with y"all no incest
Only interest is to blow up, and watch they hands go up
Cause I used to throw shows back then but no one would show up
I ain"t all about the money but I want it homie sho' nuff
Cause krispie crazy bout" the cream, you could say I"m dough nuts
I murdered my manager Chris last night
We exchanged a couple words, he said some things I didn"t like
I said okay...then punched him in the face with a butcher knife
I want more like Ashton Kutcher"s wife
Now can you feel it? They won't [Sinatra]
Gimme what I want, so f*** it I"ma steal it
I"ll dilapidate you, grab the b***er knife and decapitate you
Yeah that"s what I said - huh, and b**** I did it
We all have thoughts like this; I"m just willing to admit it
I would never act upon these thoughts now, don"t you get it?
It"s like when a gentleman sees the baddest b**** and thinks, 'I"d hit it!'
But he never says it; I"ll dump your body in a dessert
It"s the wrath of a psychopath clutching a razor blade in a bath
Having his last laugh, anticipating a gash- the other night I murdered captain crunch
Right in front of Toucan Sam and a whole d*** bunch
That"s life, what can I say? I"m a cereal killer, venereal dealer
And yes you know they ain"t none other iller
It"s Logic

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