Cali Swag District Disgusting Lyrics

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Disgusting and despicable

[Verse 1]
I'm ill and there's nothing you can do about it
So I got a live with disabilities
(Uh huh)
But the disability feels like a crime
Cause I stay with more bars than a correctional facility
The way I riff beats
Are similar to baritex
I stay on my dizzy and I damage beats critically
Swag off the planet
Nigga go and buy a spaceship
If you can't land it how do you expect to visit me?
(Mmm hmm)
Shit. I'm 'bout to start (uh huh) writing though
Fill-up and tighten and do my shit mentally
So sick, sick that my words get to me
Make me want to puke in the booth, instantly
Disgusting and despicable (uh huh)
Why I'm all about the numbers like a reciprocal
Hmm, yeah, but I get it though
Filthy rich bitch my money like the hook go...

Disgusting and despicable (I am)
Disgusting and despicable (unh)

[Verse 2]
Hold up I think I need Medi-Cal
Cause this beat is disgusting like a pedophile
In the flow fresh out the oven
And I'm fresh out the woods with an ax like Paul Bunyan (okay)
Making girls cry like a fresh cut onion
Niggas hate that I'm sick and it keeps getting worse (worse)
If you put me in the booth, you better come with a nurse (nurse)
I'm killing this game and I arrived in a Hearse (Hearse)
Stepped out the coffin and came in a tombstone
Now the game's stuck like you got a little glue on
Cause these type of flow (flow)
And I can help it, infect the whole world
You better call a paramedic
They let us in the game and they looked a little [helpless?]
Now we hold it down and we bend a little [selfish?]
So end up disgusting
Quiet all the fussing
Killing this beat cause it's too damn disgusting

Disgusting and despicable (I am)
Disgusting and despicable (unh)

[Verse 3]
If I threw up in the booth
I'd fuck around and leave it
Bitch, I'm the man, I'd make some hoes clean it
See a couple boppers and we got a double team and
I'm nothing like a Navy Seal, but I can show you semen
And I can show you reasons
Why my clip's steaming
When it come to getting money
We're turning into demons
Never worry about the players, bitch
I'm balling all season
And I'm on my ape shit, you know I got the treason
Nigga's be on stuck likes "what's next"
We're cooking up some shit to leave your weak stomach upset
Beating down your block like a mother fucking drum set
Killing niggas off, their homie's like, "Are you done yet?"
I'm like, "Nah, bitch I'm the Grim Reaper"
All you niggas stay up I'm 'bout to put you in a sleeper
You dug a little hole, I'm 'bout to make a little deeper
And we turn the shit around without no blinker
(excuse me)

Disgusting and despicable (I am)
Disgusting and despicable (unh)

C, S
C, S
C, S, D

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