Abhorrent Castigation Doctrine of Perversity Lyrics

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We love death more than you love life
Is a mind that so speaks astute?
Or does a demon speak through him?
A rotten idea it is!

Slay the pagans wherever ye find them
Is a book that so speaks of godly spirit?
Or is it a blind homunculi speaking?
An old shepherd's book it is!

A god who would speak this way
Would be no god
A god of fools
A god of the fatuous

What worth is a human life?
If it's degraded to a currency?
A price for eternal life
Not something that this life would deserve

Bad ideas have to die
Before people have to die for bad ideas
They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind

Martyrdom is cynicism
The renunciation from life
The power of an idea
Over humanity

This is a war of ideas
Not a war of peoples
Joy against suffering
Life against death

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