Ogre Dogmen (of Planet Earth) Lyrics

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Ten thousand years to roam
the man from s***e is home
what's this before his eyes?
destruction supersized
no fauna to be found
and nothing green grows
from the ground...just brown
Humanity no more
just like the dinosaur
but wait what beast is this?
charging with club in fist
some hybrid human hound
laser drawn as more surround...him now
Eating everything they can
surely starved the son of man
multiplying everyday
eat whatever's in their way

He blasts a b***** path
back to his landing craft
the rocket's fiery roar
burns Dogmen beyond the door
"A pox upon this place!"
the colonizer curses his race...from s***e
Burning oil blots the sun
every species gone but one
suck the marrow from the Earth
rob their children's right of birth
for all it's worth

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