Dag Savage feat. Blu Don't Stop Lyrics

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[Intro: Exile & Johaz ]
Something's tellin' me to quit (you don't stop!)
Something's tellin' me to stop (you don't quit!)
Something's tellin me to quit (you don't stop!)
Something's tellin me to uh...a keep on!

[Verse #1: Johaz]
And I reflect like a mirror shining
But niggas almost 30 and they still grinding
Niggas be like 'Haz man you still rhyming?!
Still elevating, dog you still climbing?!(Ah)!
And I'm just trying to clear my mind out
The flow is dope similar to Amy Winehouse
I'll show you motherfuckers what my grind's about
No days off, no room for times out
Y'all paper bag money
I'm picking deposits
Another tax bracket we thinking about audits
Like the Bible and Qu'ran we thinkin' about Prophets (Profits)
It's Dag Sav, baby how the fuck you gone stop us ?

[Verse #2: Exile]
Well it's the Ex in the flesh
Of course I'm fresh
Oh you thought that I was rotten ha!
Dirty Science got 'em
Exile shot the sheriff before Johaz robbed him
Blu had his hands up like "Who got a problem?!"

[Hook: Johaz, Exile & Blu ]
Now something's tellin' me to stop (ya don't stop!)
Now something's tellin' me to quit (ya don't quit!)
Exile told me never stop (ya don't stop!)
So I did that shit (Keep on! BITCH!)
Ya don't quit (uh huh uh huh!)
Ya don't stop (a yeah, yeah)
Ya don't quit (so I did that shit, keep on!)

[Verse #3: Blu]
Big pimpin' in the buildin'
Big pimpin' if my shit's limpin'
It's prolly cause I'm pimpin', pimpin'
Vintage with the Fedora before Wayne Shorter
You take the game and the name still I bang on ya
Like how the fuck you grow up in California
When you raised by a Raider
By the Lakers form (uh)
Black and Gold now I'm grown Black and Gold
Bag a ho, snatched the gold off this road, now that's cold
Pimp season with the M squeezin' (Blaow!)
Just a object, the target was the artist who popped it when you pop shit! (Bitch!)
Octagons on the don
You can't stop it, it's the Optimus..
Prime on the dime, you know the time trick
Silly rabbit so shiny she wanna grab it
Pulled her titty out the jacket and told me to autograph it
Time for some action
Was blinded by the passion but I see so
Clearly now I made it out the madness
Summer smash-hits bitch or when the classics
They dropped you in the fall to fall...asphalt kid (Damn!)
Skidrow with the raps
Raw shit make a nigga bend over the rap
Now talk shit nigga!

[Hook: Blu]
Ya don't stop (ya don't stop!)
Ya don't quit (ya don't quit!)
Ya don't stop (so I did that shit, Keep Oh-on Oh-on!)
Dag Savage
Fred hampton nigga
Or Fred, Sanford nigga?
Ayo DS is, is like Dirty Science and Dag Savage it's the whole shit!
Oh my GOD it's the whole shit!
Oh snap!
It's the oh snap!
DS bitch!

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