The Riptides Dot-Com Asshole Lyrics

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If you think I fuckin hate you
You read my fuckin mind
I'll beat you with your pocket book
N' listen to you whine
You stupid fuck, you fuckin suck
I'll never take your calls
I'll steal away your girlfriend
N' e-mail back your balls

Dot-com asshole

If I could get a nickle for every fuckin day
You snub me with your p.c.
yeah I think it's really gay
You stoopid fuck, you giga-geek
you stay up in you're room
your stuck into your hard-drive. your micro-chip womb

Dot-com Asshole

You can push any key to continue
But you've pushed me over the fuckin edge
If I could take a journey through your empty fuckin skull
The root of your existence is boring N' dull
You're a number, you're a robot, of the system that I hate
Don't even try to save yourself cause it's too fuckin late

Dot-com asshole

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