Waco Jesus Down in Flames Lyrics

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They saturate
And hype this world with
Over-rated bullshit
I just can't take it... no more

I don't get depressed
I have no regrets
I just say f___ it... cause I'm

Going down... going down in flames
Rethink? reconcider? No f___ing way

I don't need
No ones permission
Or you forgiveness
Hers' my confesiĆ³n

I'm arrogant
f___ing bellicerant
I have more self respect
Than to go out like a b____

Crash and burn
No return
I'm going down
At the f___ing speed of sound

I represent
That you f___ing hate
In a human being

I'm... going... down...in flames
I'm... going... down...in flames

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