Idle Cure Draw The Line Lyrics

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Come on have you heard the news
The world is dying as we sit in the pews
So get up! we are the light of the world
You got the power - the freedom to choose
A child's hope for the future
Turning to you and me

Draw the line - never give in
Till the race is over
Follow your heart - it's just a matter of time
Till the race is won
Teacher, teacher caught you prayin' in school
Naughty, naughty - boy you're breakin' the rule
Don't give up! - Oh just stick to the Word
Time for action - we need to be heard

Children look to the future
They're turning to you - and me

Sometimes it feels like we're bangin' the walls
And playin' a game
God's love within us tears down the walls
And opens the way

By Pete Lomakin, Steve Shannon
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