Boosie BadAzz feat. Rick Ross Drop Top Music Lyrics

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Big Wayne on this beat *****, drop top music, gas the whip up
Call my bad *****, uh huh, way better than my last *****

Drop top, wife beater and the weed lit
Woke up this morning, hit three chicks
Show money today, it's so sunny
Check the whip off playa, I'm getting money
Heaters on my face, yeah this a couple grand
Hunnid grand plus in my Jewel House pants
Everywhere I ride, getting love from the fans
Bun number 9, you can see it when I pass
Going to the hotspot 'cause I love that you're my eight
Rolex watch, four bricks and a half
Haters looking down, I just look at them and laugh
Champagne, bubble bath, shopping spree for my gal

This is drop drop drop drop drop top music
This is drop drop drop drop drop top music

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