Faderhead feat. Brian Graupner of The Gothsicles Drunk German Bono Lyrics

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Your style's so broke that nobody can fix it
Your flavor is stale, get Modulate to remix it
With all this coke in your ass, it's like, man, you got mono?
What's with the sunglasses you drunk German Bono?
I'll acquire your fire and take you to school
Wanna hang out with me? Better re-read the rules!
I'm the protagonist, you're a tragic hero
Knock you off of the track like FH Zero
Drunk German Bono
Drinking so much on tour with Aesthetic Perfection
Not even dirtygrrrls could muster erection
You can't afford reverb, you record in an air duct
Mr. T called, he wants back his hair cut
The Gothsicles deliver these quips
That hit you upside the hear, right in your big ass lips
I'll serve you a cocktail with a bunch of roofies in it
Then punch you in the face at 69 beats per minute
Brian Graupner's the name, I'll give you a gothsicling
Why you gotta sing like a German Jack Nicholson?
You stole your first name from your back up band
And the hammer of the gods is the back of my hand
I'll cut you up like Peter Murphy, you'll require bandaids
You just copied Scooter except for the fanbase
I hope you get dropped from L-Tracks entirely
And write a sad little post in the Noisebastard's diary

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