Damien Dempsey Dublin Town Lyrics

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Rollin' down to Dublin Town
Comin' from the Northside, headin' Southbound
The glare of the city, you can see it in the sky
See it in the faces when I'm passing them by

Dublin Town
Bright lights all around
All the different sounds
Concrete surrounds
You need a few pounds or there's nothing to do
No muns, no fun in the foggy dew
I be signing on, off Gardiner street
See all the people struggling just to make ends meet
The more unfortunate ones be begging at your feet
We'll have to send a warning to the socially elite
And I repeat, if you keep a people down
In any old town
Or country
They'll rise don't you see
It's the will to survive
That keeps them alive
And they're starting to see through all the lies
That they've contrived, so I say to you all
To educate yourself, become well read
And start to use the head
Contemplate your own situation
Find the true enemy and stop banging heads
With the victims of its greed
Am I getting too serious?
Well this was meant to be a love song
Well it is a love song because I love my people

Not so long ago, back in the good old days
I dreamed of Irish laws and Irish ways
And saw that the present days weren't so good
And the only thing I could think about them that was good
Was most of the people that surrounded me
But still I call them good old days because of the craic
That we had
We refused to stay sad
If you have your own around you and also possess your health
At the end of the day you'll discover that that is the most
Essential wealth
I throw my mind back
And recall the days I used to have the craic

Back in Dublin town
Getting down to the Irish and Jamaican sounds
listenin' and learning about life
Helping me make it through the strife
Suckin on a big fat spliff full of rocky
Flagon in my hand
Be makin me feel grand
Discussing this and that
And thinking about the now
Thinking about the future, making myself a vow
I wasn't going to waste my life
But I was going to live and love
Do the best that I could
I was going to bring some music to the people
and tell them that they were equal
But some of them wouldn't listen
And this is what is pissin'
The rest of us off
You would wanna start listening to us, you would
Coz to you we aren't going to be good forever
Yeh maybe even here, in the Dublin Town
Things could get turned upside down

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