TISM Dumb ’n’ Base Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Club culture unites the globe
All nations pulsing to the same strobe
Down in Melbourne, we think togetherness
Means connecting in a literal sense
If you want house, you go to Chicago
Brussels for hardcore, Detroit for techno
If you happen on King Street by mischance
You're in the home of compulsory health insurance

Dumb 'n' base
It's the new style going round this place
Dumb 'n' base, dumb 'n' base
Come and get a remix of your face

[Verse 2]
The boys who cruise this neighbourhood
Think clubbing is done with a length of wood
Frankie Knuckles ain't worth a damn
Here in fuck-knuckle bucks night mini-bus land
Dance to the rhythm of your best friend
As the bouncers cut a breakbeat on his head
It ain't hardcore, acid or trance
Your best friend's doing Saint Vitus Dance

[Verse 3]
Do the nightclub crawl and you can see
How to get your body piercing done for free
Who needs raves or dropping 'E'
When you got a bunch of Daves dropping in the knee
We're all one nation under a groove
Vilification is the new dope move
So come on everybody, let's get dancin'
Tonight's guest DJ, who is Pauline Hanson?

Dumb 'n' base
It's the new style going round this place
Dumb 'n' base, dumb 'n' base
We failed the dope test for the human race
Dumb 'n' base, dumb 'n' base
It's the new style goin' round this place
Dumb 'n' base, dumb 'n' base
Where a girl's best friend is a can of mace

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